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It’s World Psoriasis Day, the condition affects 100,000 Irish people

Case report. The following case report is from a patient perspective and taken from the Burden of Psoriasis Report. I was first diagnosed with psoriasis when I was 29, I woke up one morning with an itchy scalp and it got worse and worse so I went to my GP to see what he thought. He told me it was psoriasis.

Here, we review the genetic epidemiology of psoriasis and the susceptibility loci identified to date. Prevalence of Psoriasis Around the World. The.

More than 73, people are affected by psoriasis in Ireland, and 9, of those have a severe form of the disease. Deputy Jerry Buttimer, chairperson, Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children officially launched the Burden of Psoriasis report earlier this month, which is the first of its kind to review the prevalence, incidence and severity of psoriasis in Ireland. The new report has outlined the prevalence of psoriasis in Ireland, the impact on quality of life, associated co-morbidities and has revealed findings from a survey conducted among those living with psoriasis in Ireland, that investigated the psycho-social impact of psoriasis with regard to relationships, career and day-to-day life.

One of the most disturbing revelations identified in the report is that more than half of people living with this disease 54 per cent have been the target of negative, unpleasant comments about their psoriasis. The authors analysed co-morbidities associated with psoriasis, which include psoriatic arthritis, hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular events such as stroke and myocardial infarction. The report found that those with severe psoriasis have 43 per cent increased risk of stroke.

Worryingly, one in five 21 per cent admitted that their psoriasis has stopped them from applying for a job. Commenting on the launch of the report, Deputy Jerry Buttimer, Chairperson, Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children said, “Psoriasis has a significant impact on quality of life issues, including feelings of embarrassment and links to other illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and depression.

What is strikingly obvious from reading the report is the reality that psoriasis is more than just a skin disease; it can have a seriously negative impact on those living with it and on society as a whole. Professor Louise Barnes, consultant dermatologist, St James’s Hospital and co-author of the report said, “Psoriasis can often be misunderstood and without effective management it can lead to extremely poor quality of life issues.

An overwhelming number of those affected 93 per cent have felt embarrassed by their psoriasis; with 77 per cent indicating their skin has made them ‘hide themselves away’.

The hidden burden of psoriasis

You are reading 1 of 15 free-access articles allowed for 30 days. By Contributor 8th May Recent evidence of increased cardiovascular risk further supports the concept of psoriasis as a systemic disease, according to Dr Oonagh Molloy, who writes on the skin disease at the forefront of translational research. Psoriasis is one of the oldest skin diseases on record, dating back to ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian times.

Introduction: Ixekizumab (an ILA antagonist) is a biologic therapeutic licenced for use in moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that affects up to , people in Ireland. Abnormalities of the immune system in the skin cause the top layer of the skin epidermis to grow faster than normal, become red, scaly, itchy and painful — 20 per cent of patients have severe disease and require specialist care. Psoriasis has been recognised since ancient times and the word is derived from psora the Greek term for itch. It was not distinguished from leprosy until the early s. Indeed, many of those with leprosy mentioned in the bible may have had psoriasis.

Psoriasis causes significant suffering for patients, with impairment in the quality of lives of its sufferers larger than many other chronic diseases and even some cancers. More recent studies support the destroyed lives concept, but have also shown that patients with severe disease die at a younger age approximately five years younger from premature cardiovascular disease. In addition, 30 per cent of patients with psoriasis are more likely to develop an immune-mediated arthritis similar to rheumatoid arthritis which can cause painful, swollen joints and disability.

The good news is that huge progress has been made in psoriasis treatment over the last 15 years. Highly effective therapies with low risks of serious side-effects have revolutionised patient care.

Psoriasis News

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Learn what they can do to help your psoriasis. These guidelines give health care providers an up-to-date reference – and give you the information needed to​.

Your contributions will help us continue to deliver the stories that are important to you. As my eyes adjusted to the light, it became apparent that my face had broken out in a rash. Small, red scaly patches marked my nose, eyelids and cheeks. I touched my face and it felt as if someone had poured acid on my skin overnight. It may not be life-threatening but it is debilitating and emotionally scarring for those who have it. There are many varying types. There are thousands of Irish men and women suffering with the disease and doing nothing about it.

Source: Irish Skin Foundation. I have seen a dermatologist before and it was a deeply unsettling experience. I went in with a lot of expectations and was let down.

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Search Search. Menu Sections. Stephen Daly, who has struggled with psoriasis since he was a teenager, pictured near his home in Stepaside, Dublin.

Page 1 of 4. Initial Approval Date: July 10, CRITERIA FOR PRIOR AUTHORIZATION. Plaque Psoriasis Agents. BILLING CODE TYPE.

This content reflects the views of the individual blogger and is not intended to advise you about your health. Always seek advice from your doctor or other qualified healthcare professionals. Psoriasis can be a difficult condition to have and it can also affect family and friends of those who have it. I know this feeling all too well. When dating I had highly visible psoriasis. It was on my face for the world to see and there was no hiding from that. I was worried that people would be concerned or make comments about my psoriasis being on my face.

I worried that if they thought of it badly on my face, how would they feel about it being on other areas such as my legs and genital areas. Last year all of these feelings and thoughts disappeared when I met David. At the time, the majority of my psoriasis was clear due to medication and I had no worries, but over time it started to come back on my face and genital area bringing back all too familiar feelings of dread and worry.

I knew I was going to have to have ‘the psoriasis talk’ with him.


A dermatologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the skin, scalp, hair and nails. NPF recommends that anyone living with psoriasis see a dermatologist. If you have limited access to a dermatologist because of your location or insurance plan, you should see a PCP to manage your psoriasis. Before your appointment, it is helpful to track your symptoms so you can discuss them with your dermatologist. Be sure to explain the intensity of each symptom. Use a scale from 0 to 10, in which 10 is extreme intensity.

Teriflunomide (Aubagio) is potentially associated with new onset of psoriasis and worsening of pre-existing psoriasis, says Ireland’s Health.

Jayant Bhalerao, Anne M. In the last few years, molecular genetics analyses have permitted novel insights into psoriasis, a disease characterized by uncontrolled proliferation of keratinocytes and recruitment of T cells into the skin. Given that psoriasis has characteristics of an autoimmune disease, it is not surprising that HLA studies revealed an association with certain alleles, notably HLA-Cw6. Despite this HLA component, psoriasis in some families is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait with high penetrance.

Loci at chromosome 17q25 and 4q have been identified following genome-wide linkage scans of large, multiply affected families. In the case of at least the susceptibility locus at 17q25, the development of psoriasis does not require the presence of HLA-Cw6. Sib-pair analyses have confirmed the association with HLA-Cw6, confirmed the existence of a locus at 17q25 and identified other possible susceptibility loci.

Two independent groups have reported a third region on chromosome 20p. Despite these findings, the extent of genetic heterogeneity and the role of environmental triggers and modifier genes is still not clear.

The burden of psoriasis

Maya G. Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory, immune-mediated skin condition with a prevalence of It is associated with a number of cardiovascular, metabolic, and autoimmune disease co-morbidities.

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Psoriasis can be unpredictable. Riya shares what she learnt when her psoriasis changed overnight. It can be difficult for people with psoriasis to form new relationships with friends or romantic partners. Jude has been through this and shares her tips for building new relationships. Gemma talks about her experience with pregnancy and psoriasis and shares her top tips for staying on top of it all.

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Living with Plaque Psoriasis: Dating