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Miss Kristinka
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когда ставится Артикли the a?

9. As … weather was fine, they had … pleasant walk across … park which stretched along … Thames. a) the, the, the, the b) -, the, a, the c) the, -,the, - d) the, a, the, the 10. On … first of … May, after their last year together at … college, Frank and Robert were on … tram. a) the, the, -,- b) -, --, the c) the, -,-, a d) the, -,the, a 11. At that time of … year the wild animals – … lion, … gazelle and … antelope also wander further to … south. a) the, the, the, the, the b) -, a, a, a, the c) a, the, the, the, - d) the, -,-, -the 12. After … tea Edgar and the brothers received … permission to leave … table. a) the, a, the b) -, the, - c) -, -the d) -, -- 13. "I am in … hurry. Turn to … left in … High Street and drive me down to … East End," I ordered taking my seat. a) a, the, the, the b) a, the, -,the 96 c) -, --, - d) the, a, the, an 14. Through an open window a peak of … Balkans, wonderfully white and beautiful in … starlit snow seems quite close at … hand. a) the, the, the b) the, the, - c) -, a, a d) the, a, a 15. … great Sahara, that frightful desert of … vast scorching sand, stretching from … Red Sea to … Atlantic, is cleft by one solitary thread of … water. a) the, -,the, the,- b) -, a, the, the, the c) the, the, the, -,- d) -, --, the, the 16. It was … late evening, and after … lamp-heated air of … dining-room, … coolness of … night was delicious. a) a, a, the, -,- b) the, the, the, the, the c) -, -a, -,a d) -, the, the, the, the 17. He walked into … Green Park that he might cross to … Victoria Station and take … underground into … City. a) the, -,the, the b) the, the, the, the c) -, --, - d) -, -an, - 18. … rice, … jute, … indigo, … opium oilseeds, and … tea are … principle articles which come into export trade from … Calcutta. 96 a) -, --, --, the, - b) the, the, the, the, the, the, - c) -, --, the, -,-, the d) the, the, the, -,the, -,- 19. They reached ...outskirts of ...forest, and saw ...lights of ...village in which they dwelled. a) -, a, -,a, b) the, the, the, the c) -, the, the, the d) the, the, the, a 20. "...telephone may quicken some of ...labours, but it hardly lightens them, since by its power to interrupt it usually wastes quite as much time as it otherwise saves," he said with ...laughter. a) a, the, the b) the, -,a c) -, the, - d) the, the, - 21. He came into ...lounge. ..woman with ...dark hair and ...thin straight face was arranging some flowers in the hall. a) the, a, -,a b) a, a, the, the c) -, the, the, the d) the, a, the, a 22. What ...wonderful frame it is! Is it made of ...birch? ..birch is my favourite tree. a) -, the, the b) a, the, a c) a, -,the d) -, a, a 2 3. They went ...side by ...side, ..hand in ...hand silently towards the 96 hedge, where ...mayflowers, both pink and white, were in .. full blossom. a) -, -the, the, -,a b) the, the, -,-, -- c) a, a, -,-, the, the d) -, --, --, - 24. There are several ways of capturing ...tigers. But ...hunters must be very careful because ...tiger is ...ferocious beast. a) -, -the, a b) the, -,a, a c) -, the, a, the d) -, -the, the 25. During ...last ten years she has been ...head mistress of ... elementary school. a) the, -,an b) -, the, - c) -, -- d) the, the, the
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Определённые и неопределённые артикли.. пятый класс советской школы....
когда речь идет не о конкретном предмете.
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