Do Business Analysts really need different skill sets based on which approach or methodology waterfall, agile or hybrids their project is using? We Business Analysts who have been in the industry for many years have probably experienced multiple shifts in how we work on projects and manage requirements. With every new project, every new project leader or IT manager or CIO come new ideas, tools and priorities for delivering projects. With these new tools, techniques and methodologies, many BAs struggle with the perceived conflict between approaches and methodologies, but are unsure of how to bridge the gap from how they currently work in a particular methodology to a methodology they have no exposure to. How do we bridge this gap? What skills and competencies can transfer from waterfall to Agile? What skills should we rely on when working in Agile or hybrid environments? Please join us at the next IIBA Perth event where everyone will have an opportunity to talk one-on-one with a range of BA Professionals who have transitioned from a traditional Business Analyst role into an Agile Business Analyst – giving us insights into how we can all bridge the gap and apply it to our own ever-changing circumstances.

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Mike Cohn specializes in helping companies adopt and improve their use of agile processes and techniques to build extremely high-performance.

Customer-oriented, it provides a framework, tools and methods to validate the relevance and business model of innovative ideas. For my part, I am one of the coaches responsible for accompanying employees in the selection process, which takes the form of a pitch in front of the internal investment committee, and then for the lucky ones to support them in the implementation of t heir project. Philippe: This pilot project began with an idea put forward by Yann, an intrapreneur employee.

The initial idea was to make a mobile insurance quotation in one picture. The head of MAAF digital marketing, Emmanuel, sponsored this idea, and he helped us to prioritize our early adopters. Start with people who are already insured, and who happen to change vehicles. Actually it was a case made:. We could have moved to other customers, for example, interviewing customers who changed their insurance… but since this life event was at high stakes, we kept the focus on customers who change cars, and we pivoted on the problem, and therefore on the solution!

Through these customer interviews, we identified other problems, including the need to feel confident on your next vehicle: a moment of reassurance! We were able to brainstorm, and propose a catalog of 24 solutions, which we submitted to customers who change cars. Philippe: My conviction is that the challenge for large companies is to take the best of both worlds: the striking force of the group, and the agility of the startup!

A large company has means, data, striking forces that do not have startups. If we know how to use them in an agil way, we become an outstanding competitor:. The condition is then the cooperation between the different entities of the large company, to enrich the current services portfolio.

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A timebox is a previously agreed period of time during which a person or a team works steadily towards completion of some goal. Rather than allow work to continue until the goal is reached, and evaluating the time taken, the timebox approach consists of stopping work when the time limit is reached and evaluating what was accomplished. Timeboxes can be used at varying time scales. Time scales ranging from one day to several months have been used.

The critical rule of timeboxed work is that work should stop at the end of the timebox, and review progress: has the goal been met, or partially met if it included multiple tasks? Timeboxed iterations are a distinctive feature of the early Agile approaches, notably Scrum and Extreme Programming , but they have an earlier history:.

Now you might be wondering, how does one speed date? Where can I find a speed-dating event? Oh, and what is “speed dating” anyway? Keep.

It’s been a while since I shared yet another crazy retrospective format that we tried. Here’s a new one, the “speed dating retrospective”. This format makes it mandatory for everyone to actively participate and gives everyone the same importance. Which is particularly interesting when you have “loud-mouths” in your team. I would encourage you not to go over 5 permutations in order to keep this phase under 60 minutes.

If your team has more than 6 members, leave some permutations off. Remember to create a permutation plan beforehand, it will help swapping the pairs faster and will prevent deadlocks. The 10 minutes slots are themselves divided in roughly 2 x 5 min slots during which you discuss each others topics in turns. After 10 minutes, one or two minutes might be required to write down information and consolidate the discussion before starting with the next round.

The low hanging fruits can be picked right away.

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Hire Now. Proven ability at motivating and enforcing Agile principles and removing impediments. Result driven servant leader with skills in delivering projects by efficiently collaborating, coaching and counselling Scrum Teams. Solid understanding of all phases of Software Development Life Cycle SDLC methodology such as requirement gathering, analysis, design, data modeling, business process modeling, implementation, and deployment.

Collaborated with project stakeholders to negotiate scope boundaries, approaches to mitigate risk, priorities of specification elements, and adjustments as indicated to alleviate conflicting requirements.

Each One Meets All could be compared to “speed dating” in the sprint Like positions on a basketball team, each person on an agile development team must​.

Approximate reading time: 15 minutes. The Agile conference is a monthly event series that brings together the top agile thought leaders on a world stage. Each month, a group of hand-picked international thought leaders appear at this remote conference to share best practices, ideas, philosophies and the latest developments in the agile world. Video recordings of the presentations will be published regularly on the Agile YouTube channel and within the knowledge section on Agile Academy.

After the first edition of Agile in May was a complete success with over enthusiastic participants from all over the world, the second edition has already attracted more than international visitors. Encouraged by the positive feedback of the participants, the schedule and the Coaches Clinic was changed a little between the first and second conference. In his session Boris brought a lot of ideas with which you can do a lot for the sustainability of your company and your fellow men in a very simple way.

An introductory example was the 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations. His approach is that if everyone tried to work towards these goals on their own, the world would be a better place every day. All in all a very exciting approach that gave every listener the chance to set 17 possible and above all sustainable goals with his company and in his private life.

As a psychologist, Joseph Pelrine has always been fascinated by the application of agile methods and ways of thinking in his daily work. Due to his current support and advice to medical personnel in fighting Covid Link to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center , he gave the audience very exciting insights into the agility of psychological work and the fact that treatment methods have to adapt quickly to the circumstances.

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Agile Facilitation Toolkit. To make sense of them, it helps to understand a little bit about the activities we call Games. The idea of games being inappropriate or irrelevant in a business context is fast losing ground as we begin to understand the value of collaborative and innovative approaches to problem solving. This gives us:. I also use this overall structure for other sessions, with a greater emphasis on the specific area of focus, as well as icebreakers or empirical experience games as appropriate.

Use speed dating techniques and videoconferencing to quickly introduce employees to one another. Problem. In a large multinational.

Planning your next agile retrospective? Start with a random plan, change it to fit the team’s situation, print it and share the URL. Or browse around for new ideas! Is this your first retrospective? Start here! Preparing your first remote retrospective? This might help. Run great agile retrospectives: Get all activities and more for your ebook reader! Check out the Retromat ebook! Looking for the Print Retromat? Retromat retromat.

Current ID:. Become a Retromat sponsor. Replaced by JS.

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Your number one point of contact in the DACH region for agile consulting. Description Sponsors Schedule Speakers Booths. We want to embrace the latest technology to help spread the best ideas. At our core, we believe that people with access to knowledge and information can tackle any challenge and make our world more productive, more humane, and more sustainable. The June installment will bring you 8 international experts in scrum, agile leadership, product ownership and development.

Speed Dating – A user manual for me Cassie Robinson. Standard The Arrow – Advanced kanban board – The Agileist Agile Board, Scrum Board, Kanban.

Around the time that the Agile Manifesto materialized, another fast paced and sleeker model of partnering and collaboration was popularizing — speed dating! It only seemed fitting that the two could somehow co-exist, even if just in a playful and platonic manner. This is a fun twist for teammates that have established a good connection but might need a break from the more traditional retrospective ceremony. While you may encounter a lot of baffled looks upon introducing this exercise, you can rest assured that the end result will liven the room and afford heightened relationships.

The activity is unique in the sense that teammates will have an opportunity to discuss their thoughts one on one. Before the group enters the space, place sets of chairs facing one another throughout the room. Explain the rules to your team and have them divide into two groups. Group A will remain stationary.

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They beamed at each other as we started our round table discussion on how Agile can be used anywhere. Moments like this are what make the Austin Chapter of Women in Agile standout. Much like a Lean Coffee, where participants determine the agenda, we ran 5 concurrent conversations:.

Agile 3 Days Bootcamp in Austin, TX. Mon, Sep Agile Scrum Master 2 Days Training in Austin, TX. Thu, Sep 10 Virtual Speed Dating Austin | Fancy a Go?

Our team was inspired by the groundbreaking ideas being discussed at the event. Reflecting back on the multi-day fair, the Rivers Agile team recognized a handful of common themes in the pitches we heard and conversations we took part in. Entrepreneurs are passionate. Entrepreneurs are typically hard-wired for developing solutions to the problems they are faced with.

It is because of this trait that they tend to also be natural leaders. People working closely with entrepreneurs can quickly notice that they truly believe in what they are building or launching with their new business venture. Our team witnessed countless discussions about how entrepreneurship is a journey; and when there is failure or missteps, the key is to determine how to avoid the mistake in the future.

Investors have chemistry with their investments. Similar to a relationship, investors and the startups they are supporting need to have constant and open communication. It takes a true partnership; with both sides fully supporting and believing in the end goal. Because there is a lot more to an idea than the money that supports it, the foundation of the partnership needs to be based on something the investor can connect with.

Innovative technology is the future. As we move into , can you think of many organizations that are successful and operating smoothly with little-to-no technology?

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Let a team learn more about each other when it comes to personal history. This will build trust within the team. Lack of trust is the first dysfunction which you need to overcome in order to deal with the other four dysfunctions. The idea is that if people start to reveal innocent details from their childhood, other people start to realize that they are real human beings, not just work robots.

A perfect spot would be by the coffee machine or round a lunch table. Preferably together with some Swedish fika.

We might even try using agile techniques, which Is the requirements gathering equivalent of speed dating, and we keep sending the business.

In July, Agile reported from SciPy in Austin, Texas, one of several annual conferences for people writing scientific software in the Python programming language. The conference was quite a bit smaller than its US parent, but still offered 2 days of tutorials, 2 days of tech talks, and a day of sprints. It all took place in the impressive William Gates Building, just west of the beautiful late Medieval city centre, and just east of Schlumberger’s cool-looking research centre.

What follows are my highlights Steven Johnson , an applied mathematician at MIT, gave the keynote on the first morning. His focus was Julia , the current darling of the scientific computing community, and part of a new ecosystem of languages that seek to cooperate, not compete. I’d been sort of ignoring Julia, in the hope that it might go away and let me focus on Python , the world’s most useful language, and JavaScript , the world’s most useful pidgin

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